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No one can argue that his logic is sound… 

If I was proposed with this they should definitely say “I choose you”


What makes you think monsters won’t eat your parents?

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  • me: watching tv show
  • me: looks down at phone for 0.002 seconds
  • me: misses entire plot line of episode, introduction of 2 new characters, 1 main character dies, they are in a different country, at some point someone reproduced and offspring are spoiled and someone got a pet cat
  • Gryffindor: Do what is right
  • Ravenclaw: Do what is wise
  • Hufflepuff: Do what is kind

Avengers Cast discovers Tumblr

  • Mark: Everyone, come look at this.
  • Scarlet: What is it?
  • Mark: It's this site called Tumblr.
  • Jeremy: Where's the "e"?
  • Robert: Is this some kind of Tom fan site?
  • Tom: Ehehehe
  • Mark: No, it's this really random social website, like Facebook...but they hate Facebook on here.
  • Chris E: Wait, is that a drawing of Cap and Iron Man?
  • Robert: I can never unsee that.
  • Chris H: What's Thorki?
  • Jeremy: Is my resting face really that scary?
  • Everyone else: Yes.
  • Robert: Oh, look Mark. There's us! Science Bros!
  • Mark: And here are more things about Tom.
  • Tom: Ehehehehe
  • Scarlet: Are you sure this isn't some Tom fan site? Cuz he's everywhere.
  • Mark: Yes, I'm sure.
  • Chris H: I guess the people on here really like Tom.
  • Tom: I'm sorry.

the best moment in cinematic history

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